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When Aerith Starts Talking
For over 20 years this clip from The Tooncinator, a Terminator 2 parody by SNL, has been repeating in my head.  Now with a capture device, this glorious tribute to failure makes it's debut repeatedly in the third episode of my Final Fantasy VII [Blind] series which I've just started on Youtube.  Enjoy.

Video can be found here:

For those interested in the source material: It's from a lesser known Best of SNL circa 1993 called "Toonces and Friends" featuring a handful of off-stage one-shots and mini series including Toonces: The Cat Who Could Drive A Car, a sketch about Dana Carvey and Victoria Jackson's hideous handpuppet cat who would regularly demonstrate rebellious teen behavior, but was otherwise in charge of driving the family car.

Every single time Toonces is behind the wheel, the mood would be pleasant and upbeat until someone screams "TOONCES, WATCH OUT!" and they'd play this horribly grainy and obvious stock clip of a car veering down a cliff.  Everyone would survive and Toonces would live to drive another day to which onlookers would say "I guess he can drive, just not very well.".  In the penultimate sketch, Phil Hartman plays The Terminator having returned from the future to save Sarah and John Connor from The Tooncinator who chases them.  He drives off the cliff not once, not twice, but three times before finally exploding at the bottom.
Of course that doesn't kill him either.
Zombie Attack FUSION Logo 2 by HeartbreakerStudios
Zombie Attack FUSION Logo 2
Here's my much much much bigger recreation of the Zombie Attack FUSION logo which I originally made a few years ago in conjunction with Zombie Attack FUSION.  Which I also made.

Zombie Attack, or Night of the Living Dead, is a popular "Defend The Barn"-style custom horde mode that's played very frequently in the original Starcraft, even today.

The basic premise is that each player is alotted a number of Terran Civilians and they can move them to specific beacons which exchange their Civilians for specific combat units like Marines, Ghosts, Templars, etc...  The general idea is to survive as long as you can against the zombie horde with a careful selection and positioning of units.

I liked the idea, but hated a number of aspects of it.  Firstly, the most popular version of the game's map is terrible, with the terrain consisting of too-small chokepoints, large platforms that you can't access, and a lack of symmetry which encourages players to bunch up in one arbitrary corner.  Secondly while most Beacons were immediately visible within the barn, there were a small handful of Beacons hidden outside of the barn which rewarded players with comparably overpowered units which simply made the game too easy.  Finally, the game wasn't as involving as it could have been.  You're rewarded additional Civilians once or twice, and due to the design of the map, it was simply most efficient to find a spot to stand and watch your unit gun away until they died or time was up.  You weren't encouraged to move much and it was mechanically as deep as as many Beacons you were aware of.

So I made Zombie Attack FUSION which, if I may say so, improved the formula in every way.

The map was made rounder, smaller, and more symmetrial and access was given to most platforms to allow attacking from the walls at approaching zombies.  The four Beacons which created your units are all positioned in the center of the map with great pains taken to meticulous balance each unit.  A Marine, Ghost, SCV, and Templar are all valid builds, but that's just it, they're BUILDS.

The name FUSION comes from the main attraction of the map; the Fusion Chamber, which is a structure that sits in the center of the barn.  The twist here is that any two Level 1 units you bring to the Fusion Chamber will combine into a doubly powerful, unique Level 2 unit, which can also combine with any other Level 2 unit to great a quadruply powerful unique Level 3 unit.  Almost every standard and unique Starcraft unit in the game was used to created all of the combinations.

In this system, players are regularly awarded Civilans as the game progresses (and awarded even more for completing a certain amount of optional achievements).  Each Civilan carries the inherent value of not just another soldier, but the option to experiment further and see what new and interesting unit they can bake up to help them survive the fight.  It's impossible to control every createable unit in a given game which encourages replayability and experimenting with new units and placements.  Placement's much more important in this respect as well since zombies can enter the barn from any of four cardinal directions forcing players to pick an entry and guard it the best they can or get swarmed from behind.  This encourages cooperation and the use of support units such as medics which can heal damaged units or SCVs and Probes which can construct barricades or buildings that serve other purposes.  The game is also spiced up by a variety of unusual fusions, and units which utilize structures that are only accessable by leaving the barn, but reward the player only temporarily or significantly at the cost of a challenging dedication to certain units.  Each game has multiple events and ends with the players forced out of the Fusion Chamber room into the swarm to do battle with an Overmind for final victory.

The custom map was picked up and circulated and sure enough, people got a big kick out of it.  It to this day serves as my first publicly successful foray into game design.  I have a lot of other ORIGINAL games in mind to create, but here's something were I actually have something to show for it.

Unfortunately, while I would be pleased to offer it here as a free download, the existing version of the game is long overdue for some updates, so I may add it in here at a later time should I get any modicum of demand.  For now, I've got to dig out something that can run StarEdit.
Abandoned Sales Project by HeartbreakerStudios
Abandoned Sales Project
Here's the background art I was working on for the online sales of a local video game store.  I abandoned the project after the owner of the store went "WHAT!?  You made me $10000 in the past two months and you think that gives you the right to disagree with me!?"  *TACKLE*

So yeah.  I dedicated the last two months of my life to this job, at times working upwards of 70 hours a week, KICKING ASS, mind you, with sales the likes of which they've never seen.  But I learned the hard way that "PSYCHO DON'T PAY".  Or something like that.  I dunno.  Don't mind me, I'm still nursing a bruised ribcage.

Anyway, if anyone wants this, take it.  I'm not using it anymore.
Satoshi Urushihara Open For Commission by HeartbreakerStudios
Satoshi Urushihara Open For Commission
"Yo homes, the name's Satoshi Urushigofuckyomama.  Why yall up in my grills like this?

Ah.  I comprehend.  You here cause you cravin' an artist who can turn yo sloppy ass story faces into bouncy, full-breasted, milk machi-AH I mean characters.  Well yeAH, if you got a li'l suminsumin you got the Urusheezie's attention!

Uhuh, so yall lookin' to procreatin' female girlface who's pretty tight wit the sword, huh?  Tha's cool.  Oh.  You wan 'er to dignifibibly pretend to be a man, huh, so she can defen' 'er kingdom despite all da pressure, huh?  Whu-AND look legit enough to fool da playa?

I DUNNO HOMIE, THAT'S AXIN' AN AWFUL LOT.  Awright, 'tsall cool.  Here's da deal.  I'll make yo homo sex mangirl aight?  But you gots ta let me artistimafy this other character MY WAY.  CAPEESH?"

In all seriousness, I couldn't stand Growlanser 2.  The absurd demand for a walkthrough, combat imbalances, and Charlone's goddamn sexist bitching put me off.  It was cool at first, and I even liked the music, but I finally got sick of it.  I tried Growlanser 3, but that didn't catch my interest as well as Growlanser 2.  I'd like to try Growlanser, but it's never been released in US!  AGH!  I've found a translation for it though, so perhaps I'll try a rom of it at some point.

I made this after realizing that instead of the majority of characters in one Growlanser game looking cool, Satoshi seems to prefer to spread his talent a bit... thin.

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