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Abandoned Sales Project by HeartbreakerStudios
Abandoned Sales Project
Here's the background art I was working on for the online sales of a local video game store.  I abandoned the project after the owner of the store went "WHAT!?  You made me $10000 in the past two months and you think that gives you the right to disagree with me!?"  *TACKLE*

So yeah.  I dedicated the last two months of my life to this job, at times working upwards of 70 hours a week, KICKING ASS, mind you, with sales the likes of which they've never seen.  But I learned the hard way that "PSYCHO DON'T PAY".  Or something like that.  I dunno.  Don't mind me, I'm still nursing a bruised ribcage.

Anyway, if anyone wants this, take it.  I'm not using it anymore.
Satoshi Urushihara Open For Commission by HeartbreakerStudios
Satoshi Urushihara Open For Commission
"Yo homes, the name's Satoshi Urushigofuckyomama.  Why yall up in my grills like this?

Ah.  I comprehend.  You here cause you cravin' an artist who can turn yo sloppy ass story faces into bouncy, full-breasted, milk machi-AH I mean characters.  Well yeAH, if you got a li'l suminsumin you got the Urusheezie's attention!

Uhuh, so yall lookin' to procreatin' female girlface who's pretty tight wit the sword, huh?  Tha's cool.  Oh.  You wan 'er to dignifibibly pretend to be a man, huh, so she can defen' 'er kingdom despite all da pressure, huh?  Whu-AND look legit enough to fool da playa?

I DUNNO HOMIE, THAT'S AXIN' AN AWFUL LOT.  Awright, 'tsall cool.  Here's da deal.  I'll make yo homo sex mangirl aight?  But you gots ta let me artistimafy this other character MY WAY.  CAPEESH?"

In all seriousness, I couldn't stand Growlanser 2.  The absurd demand for a walkthrough, combat imbalances, and Charlone's goddamn sexist bitching put me off.  It was cool at first, and I even liked the music, but I finally got sick of it.  I tried Growlanser 3, but that didn't catch my interest as well as Growlanser 2.  I'd like to try Growlanser, but it's never been released in US!  AGH!  I've found a translation for it though, so perhaps I'll try a rom of it at some point.

I made this after realizing that instead of the majority of characters in one Growlanser game looking cool, Satoshi seems to prefer to spread his talent a bit... thin.
Pyromaniac Commission by HeartbreakerStudios
Pyromaniac Commission
This is a work I commissioned from Pyromaniac (who now goes by Parororo). :iconparororo:

It's of "Edge" (tentative name) and is thus far the best visual representation I have of her so far.

I gave Pyro lots of little details and I probably annoyed them by nitpicking a bunch of them, but in the end I was very pleased with what Pyro had created and was more than happy to add a little extra to the commission cost.

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